Bilstein Street Rod 15in. ALU 2.5in. Coilover R 135/37 46mm Monotube Shock Absorber

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SKU: BILA411152530
Bilstein CA4 Series Shock Absorbers are designed specifically with custom street rods in mind using Bilstein's patented gas pressure technology. These 46mm monotube shocks are hand built to insure that top level quality is achieved with every shock that goes out the door. Each shock is tuned digressively using Bilstein's proven deflective disc valving technology and are available in two off the shelf settings as well as a custom setting. The coilover design utilizes precision rolled threads for effortless and precise spring adjustment allowing the owner to achieve the exact ride height desired. The show polished, billet aluminum body encourages rapid heat dissipation while saving on overall weight of the vehicle. The internal bore has been hard anodized to minimize wear caused by friction making these shocks extremely durable. The 5/8" polyurethane bushing mounts have been impregnated with graphite, virtually eliminating the squeaking commonly associated with polyurethane, and are used top and bottom to promote a long life. Each shock is supplied with a hard anodized spring seat, lock ring, and hat to accommodate a 2.5" id spring.

Product Specification

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Package Contains

Levels Your Truck

Levels the front of your truck to the rear with the adjustable ring on strut.

Monotube Nitrogen Gas Charged

Self adjusting digressive piston provides the best ride on and off road

Installation Hardware

Comes with washers and bushings. Factory mounting bolts and hardware are reused for installation.

Bilstein Limited Lifetime Warranty